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Georgia Community Risk Reduction

History of the Fire

Fatality Task Force

In 2016, the state of Georgia had 154 fire fatalities. This is the highest number of fatalities in the state since 1995. The increase in the number of fatalities sparked a partnership to address the need for increased education efforts in the state.

The Fire Fatality Task Force was formed after the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs determined that the fire service as a whole needed to address the increase in fatalities across the state. The Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs partnered with the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office, Georgia Public Safety Educators Association, Georgia State Firefighters Association, and the Georgia Fire Inspectors Association, and the to educate not only the citizens of the state of Georgia, but also the fire service about fire prevention.

The Task Force wanted to promote an impactful message to engage the fire service and the community to make positive behavior changes when it comes to fire safety. The Alabama State Fire College began the statement of placing a pair of shoes on display for every fire fatality that had occurred and during Firefighter Recognition Day in 2017 at the Georgia State Capital the Fire Fatality Task Force decided to utilize the creative messaging idea and exhibited one pair of shoes for every fire fatality in Georgia from 2016. The goal of the display is to not only bring awareness to the increase in fire fatalities in 2016 but to also engage our partners in the fight to reduce fire deaths in our state.